Yarn Along

Knitting: I’ve been going nuts with the bells. It’s so simple and a fun knit. I have a few more to do, then I’d like to do some for myself!

Reading: Not much adult reading is going on around here. My husband has been off for the week and tackling his “honey-do” list. The problem with having a “new” space is that the rest of our home seems so drab. Before I knew it, this week, the hall was painted, which led to the railings, which lead to the dinning room. My gosh, just when I think my home is coming together, we take apart another room! I know all the work will be worth it, but I can vent a little here, right? Ah, back to books. As I mentioned last week, all the “winter” books are coming out of the archives. We have been into our Jan Brett books this week – The Mitten, The Hat, and now Home for Christmas. A beautifully¬†illustrated book about getting home for Christmas. It was borrowed from a dear friend, who I hope to see soon. But until then, we are enjoying the story!

What are you reading? Working on?

One thought on “Yarn Along

  1. November 21, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    I love Jan Brett. For whatever reason, the artwork in those books inspires me to get my craft on! The boys will be getting “The Mitten” this year for Christmas.
    Totally how it goes with a house I think. You just have crazy feverish fixer-upper gusts, and then months of nothing – that’s how it goes in our house anyway! ;)

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