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My neighbor is amazing. Not only is she so giving and a great friend, she also has impeccable taste in fashion and home design. She is the kind of friend everyone should have. When she explained how she wanted to update her deck cushions and pillows, I was excited to see what her vision would be. She came to me with an amazing poppy inspired outdoor fabric from our local fabric store and asked if I wouldn’t mind making some pillows. Gosh, the fabric was so beautiful, there was no way to turn it down! We were able to re-purpose the filling from her old pillows. It was in very good shape and there was no reason to get rid of it. I carefully removed the old fabric and used it as a pattern for the new pillows.

May 2013 022 copy

I cut the fabric so that a poppy was centered on each pillow and started sewing. Because the old pillows were shaped at the corners, I sewed a quick triangle on each corner of the new pillows to be sure it still fit the old filling.

May 2013 006 copy

I sewed all three corners leaving some room to stuff it at the bottom. Once turned outside right, I smoothed out the corners and ironed down the seams.

May 2013 001 copy

Once the filling was back in, I pinned up the edge for one last pass with the machine.

May 2013 006 copy

I quickly finished up four of these for her. I was so thrilled to see them with her new cushions collected for the summer on her porch.

Pillow Redo - The Pomegranate Chronicles

They are absolutely perfect with her stripes. I can’t wait to see what project she has in store for me next.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. June 21, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Really prettyfies the pillow, yay for repurposing!

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