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Changing what I use on the outside of my body started long before my journey of cleaning up what goes into it. After having Griffin, I found my skin changed completely. It had become sensitive to many of my old shampoos, soaps and pretty much anything with fragrance.  I was having trouble with break outs on my scalp, stomach and back of my legs.  My Doctor recommended that I switch to zero sulfate products. Five years ago, sulfate free products weren’t as readily available as they are today. Of course, there was Dr. Bronner’s (still a staple in our home) and Nature’s Gate. These are great products and did help with my issue, but I missed the fragrant smells. I am still a girly girl that really likes fruity smells. Over the last few years, the market has been flooded with new natural, sulfate and paraben free products. I’ve been testing many of them and have wanted to share my thoughts with you. Then last month, I won a giveaway over at A Life Sustained for güd products, the new line from Burt’s Bees. I saw it as a sign to start posting about my product experiences.

So, onto the product review of güd by Bert’s Bees. As I mentioned, I won this product from one of my very favorite blogs, A Life Sustained. Courtney creates a beautiful space on the internet with posts about her adventures as a creative, mindful mother, wife and woman. She has been a huge inspiration to me as I work towards a “clean” life. After seeing her giveaway and product review of güd products, I entered to win. Lucky me, I won! A few days later, I received my package in the mail.

The package contained Natural Hand Cream, in Floral Cherrynova and Vanilla Flame and Body Spray in Vanilla Flame. I was delighted with the naturally fruity smell of the Floral Cherrynova hand cream. Although it goes on thick (a little goes a long way) it leaves skin moist all day. The smell is not overwhelming, and doesn’t last too long, but long enough to feel pretty. I am very happy with the body spray. I found the light spritz to be very refreshing.  The smell is not overpowering or sweet, just very subtle. The only con is that I wish the smell would last a little longer. All in all, I like them and would purchase them again. They have body wash, shampoo and other products. If you are interested in trying them, I did notice a $1.00 off coupon on the website (if you like them on Facebook, of course!)

Thank you Courtney!

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  1. October 1, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    You’re making me blush! I’m so glad they made their way to you and that you liked them. I look forward to reading more about your product experiences. There are lots of the natural brands that I’m curious about but have yet to try!

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