A Gift for Mom

I knit up this beautiful sachet to hold potpourri or soap for my Mother for mother’s day. I used the Lace Sachet pattern by Eunny Jang, downloadable for free on Ravelry.

I had some left over fingering weight Pizazz yarn from NH Knitting Mama. This is a very light weight merino wool. It’s so soft and just lovely to use. I used single point needles instead of DPN’s. I worked row 1 in lace and purled row 2.  I worked this pattern for about 3 and a half inches, then switched to straight YO and knit to have a different lace on the top section. I knit this for 3 inches then sewed up the seams. This picture was taken before blocking. It’s amazing what blocking does.

While it was blocking, I worked on the mesh insert. I purchased some toule, cut it to size and sewed up the sides. I wanted the top to have a more finished look, so I added ribbon.

Once the knit bag had been blocked, it was time to assemble it!

This yarn blocks out so nicely. I steam blocked this. As soon as I block it, all the stitches come right out and makes it look amazing. I added the ribbon to the top between the two lace patterns.

And inserted the liner.

This was a great little project with big reward and my Mom loved it.

One thought on “A Gift for Mom

  1. heather
    May 10, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    That is beautiful. Super Job!

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