A Tea Event

I attended a great event to launch a new book, Culinary Tea by Cynthia Gold and Lise Stern. Lise Stern is the editor of a very popular local food and wine magazine Taste of the Seacoast. It took place at our local bookstore.

The book is filled with all you don’t know about tea. There are recipes for food, cocktails and more. We were lucky enough to sample some of the recipes.

There was a nice presentation on different teas and how to steep bases for different dishes. All the dishes we tried did not taste like tea. The tea only enhanced the other flavors in the food and drinks.

We learned of many different teas and how they came to be. We heard stories of how traveling and packing changed the flavor of the teas.

This dark chocolate with tea was amazing. I only took one piece, but contemplated dumping the rest in my purse!

The cocktails were a nice surprise. One made with simple syrup steeped with green tea and vodka, another that was so nice and smokey made with tea and sugar maple liqueur. They were wonderful. This book is perfect for Spring and Summer cocktail parties. It is on the top of my list.

One thought on “A Tea Event

  1. Chelsea
    March 3, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    I love tea. Looks like a fun event. Made me giggle to imagine you dumping the chocolate in your purse when no one was watching…haha.

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