Moss Grows on Me

I’ve always loved the look of moss. Not sure why, but I think it always makes a garden look vintage and well established. I have one flower bed in the back yard that is against the fence and gets lots of shade. I have transplanted hosta from the front gardens into this space (I love hosta too!) and it has been thriving. It has also collected a little bit of moss here and there in the bed around the hosta. I love how it looks and thought, wouldn’t it be cool if the moss spread to complete the bed and I would not have to use mulch (I am not a fan of mulch)?

We have moss in more than just the hosta bed. The hubby has been working hard hacking it up and adding grass seed to the lawn areas. I asked him to save it for me so that I could transplant it into my hosta garden.


I read online that moss likes acidic ground. We tested our ground (for the grass) and found we do have high acidity on this side of the lawn. It’s a good spot for moss. I scratched up the surface of the bed and mixed in some fertilizer. Then I placed the patches of moss all around, pushing them into the ground. I watered well and stepped back.

It’s been a few days, and it seems be taking. I hope it spreads, fingers crossed for me. ¬†As for the hosta, the holes indicate that we have slugs this year, but that is another story for another post!

Do you have moss? Do you use mulch?

2 thoughts on “Moss Grows on Me

  1. August 25, 2011 at 10:20 am

    I love moss, but I mostly have the spanish moss that grows on trees. I think there is some ground moss growing at the back of our property and now I am going to have to take a hike and check.xx

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