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Ah yes, kombucha. Everyone is talking about this little fermented potion of probiotic goodness. I have to admit, I jumped on the bandwagon after seeing the benefits my Mom was reaping from this funny smelling bubbly tea. I quickly found, purchasing enough tea to keep a steady stream in your system can get pretty expensive. After a long conversation with my Mom (who has been brewing her own for quite a while now and offered me a scoby to get me started), I decided, it was worth the leap. She came to the house with my new “baby”. Here’s her first picture…
Scoby Adventures - The Pomegranate Chronicles

The foreign looking jellyfish-like being at the bottom of the jar is a live culture Scoby with some starter fermented tea to keep it alive. What a great start, right? I grabbed a large glass jar, some fabric to cover the top (to let it breath and stay clean), and an elastic to make a nice new home for my new “science project”. It is recommended that you use a black tea for your boocha (although, I think others may work too). I stuck with black and used Organic Oolong Tea made from my favorite local tea maker White Heron Tea. We simply brewed up 3 quarts, let it settle to room temperature, added a cup of organic sugar, added it to the jar, and covered with the cloth.
Scoby Adventures - The Pomegranate Chronicles

I patiently waited for two weeks, setting it in the closet, trying to forget about it! During the two weeks, I could smell the fermentation process, and got so excited to try it. After consulting Rachel over at House Full of Jays (Who is somewhat of a kombucha wizard), it was recommended that I just stick a straw in and taste to see if I like it. Oh boy, did I ever! Finally, I was ready to tap into my home brew!

Scoby Adventures - The Pomegranate Chronicles

I am working a “continuous” brew system with my kombucha. This means that I will drain some, then replace it with more sweet tea each time. It is fantastic and so good for you. I recommend to anyone who drinks kombucha to try brewing your own. It’s so much fun, tastes better, and is a LOT less expensive.

Happy Brewing!

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  1. August 16, 2013 at 12:27 am

    Haha, wizard was a generous term – nerd more like! So happy you’re brewing your own – I’m sitting down with a cold glass of booch myself. :) Happy Fermenting! xoxoR

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