Thrifty Thursday

My thrifting adventures last week yielded some great finds! First, I found this red tea kettle for another pop of red in my kitchen. It was a whopping $2.00. I see these same kettles at Home Goods for $15.00-$55.00.

Then on the very bottom, of the very back, of a shelf, I found this beautiful coffee container. It is very good quality ceramic. It has pads on the bottom, and a label on the front which is made of copper. The lid is air tight and made of wood and detailed with a cover of more copper. It holds over a pound of coffee. I was really happy with this buy. I splurged on this one and spent $3.00.

I have been keeping my eyes open for a new crock for my crock pot. My crock pot crock is almost 15 years old and gets so much use that it has started to crack down the middle. I have been nervous the last few times I used it, afraid it may crack right apart. I was so excited to find the right size crock in a brand new stainless steal crockpot at my local non-profit thrift store. While checking out, the lady thought I was crazy when I brought the beautiful stainless steal crockpot to the counter and said, “I’ll pay full price, but I only want the crock.” She laughed a bit and shook her head. She sees me every week and finds my “treasure hunting” most amusing. Besides, the newer crock pots just don’t cook the same as the old ones. It’s not the same color as my old crock, but will run me another 15 years.

To hand down my thrifting talents, I have enlisted Griff. When he comes with me, I give him a dollar and three rules. He can search for treasures he can buy for a buck, it has to be in good shape, and something he will play with a lot. He has gotten very good and has even left the thrift store before with nothing saying, “Sorry Mommy, nothing in the “rules”. This day was a good day for Griff. He found this large Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter. It’s in great shape (besides the need of a good scrubbing). It has lights that work and it has a button that starts the Star Wars Anthem and other sayings including the famous “Let the force be with you.” He was so proud of himself for this buy. I have to say, I am pretty proud of ┬áhim too!

What did you thrift this week?

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. July 27, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    That is a mighty smart way to teach a child the value of a dollar. Great finds!

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