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I’ve had lots of compliments on the fabric art on the wall of my studio. We have all seen this done again and again on design shows and on our favorite blogs. It’s is a great way to get large size art on the walls at minimal cost. This is how mine was created. First, I thrifted a frame for $1. It had no backing or glass, but I loved the thick dark wood with white linen accent. I found my perfect fabric and re-purposed some old cork board that was on the walls of my “old” studio.

Once the frame was cleaned up, a quick change to the pegs on the back took it from a portrait orientation to a landscape one.

Then I grabbed some old batting I had from Griffin’s Quilt project. I cut around two pieces of corkboard to fit in the frame. When placed in the frame, the cork was not a perfect fit (it was a little loose), but I hoped that with the thick batting, it may work out just fine. Then I glued them onto the batting and together at the seam.

Next I moved onto the fabric. I orientated it to my favorite part of the pattern. I loved the flowers with the butterflies. I cut out to where I thought it would frame out perfectly.

The cutting was traced about 3 inches out from the batting and corkboard.

It was time to adhere the fabric to the cork board. I started at the corners, to fold it up like a present.

I used LOTS of glue and burned my fingertips several times. But it’s all in the name of design, right? Both edges matched up and were pretty flat.

Once placed in the frame, it was still a little loose. For a quick fix, I cut up another piece of cork board into triangles and glued it to the corners of the frame to secure it. It’s not the most eye pleasing. I suppose I could have added some paper to the back to cover it.

But I figure, no one is looking at the back when it’s on the wall!

It came out beautiful. A really great project with high reward.

Do you have any framed fabric? What was your technique?

Happy Thrifting, Crafting, Gluing (just watch your fingertips!)


2 thoughts on “Fabric Art

  1. February 11, 2012 at 9:55 am

    that does look nice! And so cheap…

  2. February 13, 2012 at 8:26 am

    The picture is so pretty! I have some fabric I have been hoarding in my cedar chest that will make a great picture!

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